A Breath of Fresh Air – Toledo Named Top Destination For Outdoor Enthusiasts


Step outside and take a deep breath. Chances are you are reading this on your phone, so seriously, get up from your desk or couch and walk outside. Feel the gentle breeze and the warm sun beating down, take in the squirrels running through the yard, the birds in the trees, and the sight of your neighbors walking their dog. Are you there? Are you experiencing it?

Now, chances are, if you are in Toledo, you are only five miles from your nearest MetroPark. This means that you are just a short bike ride away from a lush green oasis of natural park paths, running trails, and beautiful open spaces. Whether you are a runner, water sports enthusiast, dog walker, or simply want a nice shady tree to sit under and enjoy a book, you’ve got it all-right here in Toledo. It is no wonder that the U.S. World and News Report recently named Toledo, OH as the #2 Most Fun Place to Live for Outdoor Lovers. So get outside and enjoy it!

Not only do we have an incredible parks system, Toledo is known for our affordability and accessibility. With beautiful homes going on the market each and every day, we’ve become a top destination for families, millennials, and now, outdoor enthusiasts. So be welcoming to your new neighbors, show them the nearest park and perhaps even invite them to go fishing, camping, hiking, or biking. Our access to public parks, paired with  four seasons of fun, proves that Toledo is a great place to live for those that crave easy access to the outdoors.

It Matters Where You Make It ®