Nick Amrhein: Making Home in Toledo

Nick Amrhein grew up in Oregon, Ohio and dreamt at age fifteen of producing skate videos for a living. Fast forward a few years and he is back in Toledo creating inspirational media about our region.

Nick has lived in a variety of different places, first finding his creative style in California where he spent three years learning from other creatives and assisting. Nick says that the experience felt a lot like the “going away and finding yourself” experience that many young adults have when they go to college. After three years, he felt a pull to move back to Toledo after hearing from locals that it was really cool that he had gone out to do what he did but he should come back to the area. Many people began to reach out and request photography and video from him in the Toledo Region.

Several years later he moved for a change of scenery, first to Colorado and then to Florida, but again felt a draw to northwest Ohio. “Toledo has a good balance between having a small town feel and also a city feel. It was relatively easy to find clients.” Nick appreciates that in Toledo his name doesn’t get lost in the traffic or the noise of digital media. He says, “I realized that it truly matters where you make it.”

When he first had the idea for the inspirational pieces about Toledo, he had just moved back to the area from Florida. Says Nick about his inspiration, “I really love Toledo, and I think that there are really great things going on.” After discovering the branding from the Toledo Region “It Matters Where You Make It” campaign, he reached out to Jeff Schaaf at the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce to discover businesses in Toledo that would participate in a video discussing why and how they “make it” in Toledo.

The entire video series was shot by Nick, produced by Michael Seay from Madison Avenue Marketing Group and edited within two months.

It Matters Where You Make It - Pt. 1 Nick Amrhein

It Matters Where You Make It - Pt. 2 Nick Amrhein

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