The Old West End Festival Showcases the Best of Toledo


Spring flowers bloom on Scottwood Avenue in the Old West End

In 1818, the first log cabin was built in Toledo’s Old West End, a charming, unique neighborhood located one mile from the Toledo Central Business District. Over the next nearly 200 years, the Old West End has grown to become one of the greatest concentrations of Victorian and Edwardian Homes in America. The stark contrast between the nearby urban center is a refreshing homage to the immaculate and thoughtful design of years past. No time of the year is the essence of the Old West End on display quite like the annual Old West End Festival. This year, the celebration of all things Old West End took place from June 5th to June 7th.


The interior of Ann Manor boasts old world décor and charm

The kick-off party took place on Friday evening amidst the perfectly manicured lawns and eclectic architecture. For the weekend, the Agnes Jackson Reynolds Arboretum was transformed into a beer garden and live music venue. The event began with performances by the bands Shmotel, goLab and the Zimmerman Twins, and culminated in an unforgettable, high-energy performance by the Detroit Marching Band.


The Annual Old West End Festival Parade

On Saturday, the Old West End was abuzz with people from all walks of life. As golf carts and party floats passed by, the early morning clouds gave way to sunny skies. Lines began to develop at the numerous house tour stops, with owners eager to show off the labor of their love. Vendors set up amongst a mobile food court near the Toledo Museum of Art Glass pavilion. Wandering around the historic neighborhood, residents occupied their respective porches, happy to smile and wave as people passed by. As night dawned, the relaxed festivities of the day gave way to a lively and well attended dance party in the Agnes Jackson Reynolds Arboretum. The beer taps from Maumee Bay Brewing Company and Black Cloister flowed freely, as popular party anthems from the last 25 years filled the air.


Night Brings the Sounds of Live Music to the Agnes Jackson Reynolds Arboretum

The Old West End Festival is full of events designed to help people engage with this charming neighborhood, but it is often the unplanned interactions that showcase the true essence of the community that resides there. The entire event has an unparalleled way of capturing the warm, inviting and unique nature of this Toledo gem, and the people that call it home.

Written and Photographed by Guest Blogger, Dennis E. Sawan