Perrysburg Named the Best City to Raise a Family In Ohio

Sentinel-Tribune, Bowling Green, OH

In a study released Thursday by WalletHub, a personal finance website, Perrysburg ranked as the best place in the state of Ohio for raising a family

The study compared 185 cities across 21 categories of ideal family conditions including family life and fun; education, health and safety; affordability; and socioeconomics. Each city’s weighted average was calculated to determine its overall score, with 100 representing the best for families. “City” refers to city proper and excludes the surrounding metro areas.

Perrysburg’s overall score of 77.8 gave it to top spot on the list. It received a rank of No. 1 in the education, health and safety category, 2nd in family life and fun, 4th in affordability and 12th in socioeconomic rank.