Perrysburg Bicentennial

Perrysburg is 200! In 1816, The U. S. government sent surveyors to draw up a new town to be named Perrysburg(h) after Commodore Perry. This year is the town’s 200th anniversary, and the community has many events planned throughout the year to commemorate their history.

This weekend will be full of activities beginning with the Commodore Schoolyard Car Show on Friday in downtown Perrysburg. You can enjoy the parade on Saturday and head out to the fireworks show on Sunday. Eight trucks of fireworks have been brought in to celebrate the bicentennial, which will mark the largest fireworks display Perrysburg has ever seen!

Tours, lectures, presentations, and fun community wide activities have been planned for the entire year. A complete timeline of Perrysburg’s history and a schedule of events can be found on the bicentennial’s dedicated website.