Making something means something here. 

Northwest Ohio has been at the heart of trade and industry since it was settled in the early 19th century. A new economy is coming to life, strengthened by a resurgent automotive industry and powered by advanced manufacturing technologies.

This revival showcases our existing strengths in bioscience, agribusiness, transportation and logistics, resulting in a thriving arts and cultural scene, diverse career opportunities and growth for our region.

Health Care and Medical Technology

The network of health and social service organizations is strong here. The Toledo Region benefits from a high ratio of primary care providers to the overall population. The region’s hospitals include some that rank as the nation’s very best in key areas of care. The region also boasts doctors, nurses, specialists and technicians who are among the most experienced and well-trained in the nation.

Transportation & Integrated Logistics

Within a 300-mile radius of Toledo, our region has access to the most industrial square footage in the United States and Canada. No other site in North America can make a similar claim. The Toledo Region offers every available mode to meet the global needs of business: air, rail, road, and water.

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies

Advanced manufacturing applies cutting-edge concepts in computers, electronics, software and automation to improve production. Significant leaps in technology are driven by the creation of advanced materials. Advanced materials include unique composites of plastic, glass fibers, carbon fibers, ceramics, metals and nano-materials finer than smoke particles. Any of these can be used to create end products that are stronger, faster and lighter than anyone imagined possible. These innovative industrial technologies not only enable commercialization, but also provide the means to produce new products effectively and efficiently.


For more than  100 years, the Toledo Region has served as a major location for development and production in the automotive industry. Its niche in automotive evolved from the bicycle industry, where Toledo grew into one of the biggest manufacturing locations in the country. The Toledo Region’s extensive Tier I, Tier II and Tier III automotive parts suppliers employ thousands of experts skilled in tool and die, stamping, machining, extruding, casting, injection molding, coating and other processes.


In the Toledo Region, bioscience has developed into a fast-growing cluster providing great potential in the creation of new businesses, high-paying jobs and diversity in the number of industries it impacts. Existing companies have provided the foundation for future industry growth in sub-sectors such as medical devices and equipment, agricultural biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and therapeutics.

Food Processing & Agribusiness

With a strategic location between the traditional Grain Belt region and the populous East Coast markets, it’s not surprising the Toledo Region is one of the leading manufacturers of food and agriculture products in the United States. Some of the biggest names in the food industry.


From startups to established leaders, companies involved in revolutionary technologies are investing in Toledo. Technology is changing every industry, and in Toledo, companies pursuing tech are thriving. A strong digital infrastructure made up of fast broadband and connected resources enables knowledge sharing, partnerships and innovation. Additionally, Toledo's cybersecurity initiatives, including workforce development programs, are some of the best in the country. Whether innovating in robotics, IoT, fiber optics, artificial intelligence, data centers, smart mobility, cybersecurity or other technology, companies have the business resources to succeed in Toledo.

Advanced and Alternative Energy

The Toledo Region has gained an international reputation in solar and other alternative technologies based on its successful history and knowledge base in the glass industry. When considering the many renewable energy companies that are thriving here, businesses and entrepreneurs are realizing the natural fit for advanced energy in the Toledo Region.



In the Toledo Region, a commitment to education is  strong and deeply rooted. Building on an extensive public school system supplemented by many private choices, the region provides a rich array of post-secondary educational opportunities, including nationally recognized schools of engineering, pharmacy, education, business, medicine and law.


With shopping malls like Franklin Park, Levis Commons, and Fallen Timbers and power-house brands such as Apple, Kroger, Home Depot, and Lowes, the region offers opportunities in various channels for retail focused skills.