AIGA Toledo Hosts 2015 Design Week

From the products we use to the way we visually communicate, design is all around us and touches every aspect of our lives. AIGA Toledo's Design Week brings the community together to celebrate design and its potential to create social change for the better. 

AIGA Toledo did just that over this past week with three amazing events that redefined perceptions of “good” design.  AIGA advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. Established on October 1, 2007, the Toledo chapter was formed with the intent to connect Toledo area designers locally and to make a difference in the region.

The week kicked off with Call To Action, featuring two speakers from different sides of the design world. Dan Klyn, renowned information architect and co-founder of The Understanding Group, shared “What Good Means” in the context of digital design drawing upon lessons from the design of physical spaces. Kate Hunt, experience designer and former director of Design for Good - AIGA West Michigan, shared her insights about helping the design community thrive in Grand Rapids.

In partnership with the Toledo Museum of Art, AIGA brought a second event called Design Briefs. During the event, business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs presented their story along with real business challenges to a panel of design and business professionals who offered their feedback and advice.

Finally, the week wrapped up with a conversation with strategist and designer Doug Powell. After more than two decades as an independent designer, educator, and community leader, Doug is now helping to lead a design-driven transformation at IBM. In a wide-ranging discussion, Doug will explain how the role of the designer is changing in technology, business and society. As the past national president of AIGA and a leading force in the successful launch of Design for Good, Doug has been an outspoken thought leader and advocate to ignite, amplify, and accelerate design-driven social change.

 AIGA Toledo