Wood County Plays Opens First Inclusive Playground

Located at Rotary Community Park in Perrysburg, OH, the Perrysburg Inclusive Playground presented by Mercy Health was the first inclusive playground project for Wood County Plays. It was also the first inclusive playground in Perrysburg. 

​The Perrysburg Inclusive Playground presented by Mercy Health is more than 13,000 square feet of the thoughtfully designed playspace. The playground exceeds ADA recommendations and creates a safe and fun environment for people of all abilities. 

Making this playground become a reality became a true community project. More than 250 individuals, families, and local businesses donate their money, time, and talents to make this playground a reality. Together, more than $800,000 was raised in 18 just months - during a global pandemic!

Inclusive playgrounds feature unique types of play spaces that are both accessible and ultra-fun. 

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