Toledo - A Model City for Inclusivity

Toledo has long been known as a welcoming and inclusive community and Vice, an international print media group focused on arts, culture and news topics, recently featured Toledo as a “model city for resettling.”

Why is Toledo such a great place for immigration? Because Toledo residents recognize the positive cultural and economic impacts that immigrants bring to our city. Just look at Toledo Region Urban Innovators Getro Jean-Claude, a first generation immigrant, and Eugenio Mollo, the son of Italian Immigrants, who are doing great things for the region.  Jean-Claude founded the CAN (Change a Need) Digital Group, a for-profit organization with a non-profit mission. Up to 20% of proceeds from their work is donated to qualified nonprofit partners and they are dedicated to improving the quality of life and well being of individuals and communities, both locally and internationally. Mollo came to Toledo 10 years ago from Chicago and works for ABLE, an organization in Toledo that provides services and advocacy for immigrants in a variety of ways. Mollo also spends much of his time volunteering with Welcome TLC, which “works to build a vibrant and welcoming community that celebrates the region’s migration and immigrant heritage.”

It has been estimated that 756 manufacturing jobs alone have been preserved in the Toledo Region because of the role immigrants play in the workforce. Without them, these jobs would have likely been exported, or disappeared altogether. Toledo residents also LOVE to support small business, and an estimated 13.3% of immigrant residents run their own businesses (more than twice the U.S.-born population.)

The presence of additional immigration support organizations like US Together, SSFAC, Water For Ishmael, Epworth Furniture Ministry and the UT MSA make the Toledo Region a great place for immigrants to come live, work and play.

It Matters Where You Make It. ®