Anthony Wayne Local

The Anthony Wayne Local Schools (AWLS) community includes over 4,282 students and hundreds of teaching, administrative, and support staff, within 77 square miles; and serves Monclova Township, Waterville, Whitehouse, and several area townships. AWLS has a strong history of academic excellence. For example, in the fall of 2013, Forbes Magazine recognized AWLS as one of the top 20 school districts in the Nation when considering student academic performance and local home values. In addition, AWLS consistently ranks in the top 10 percent of performance levels for State assessments.

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Graduation Rate: 97%

Student-Teacher Ratio in Elementary Schools: 23:1

Student-Teacher Ratio in Middle Schools: 19:1

Student-Teacher Ratio in High Schools: 26:1

Student Population: 4,282

Average Teaching Experience: 98% with 3 or more years

Students Enrolled in Foreign Language Classes: 888

Scholarship Funds: 12,500,000