Northwood Local

Northwood Local School District, in cooperation with the community it serves, provides a safe, student-centered, and supportive environment in which students are provided a relevant education that challenges them to attain their highest potential. The students, teachers, and community will recognize the value of education through the promotion of literacy, problem-solving skills, individual responsibility, and respect for diversity. Northwood Local Schools sits east of the city of Toledo and is 7 square miles in size. Serving the community and engaging students in a competitive technology driven curriculum we are fortunate to be a 1-1 school district with regards to technology. Generally district enrollment hovers around 1000 students currently in our three buildings High School students interested in pursuing career technical education are afforded the opportunity to attend Penta Career Center. Currently, we are embarking on an exciting time as our new PK-12 building is in the beginning stages of construction.

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Graduation Rate: 95%

Student-Teacher Ratio in Elementary Schools: 21:01

Student-Teacher Ratio in High Schools: 19:01

Student Population: 913

Percentage of Staff With Advanced Degrees: 76.8%

Average Teaching Experience: 19 years

Students Enrolled in Foreign Language Classes: 201

Scholarship Funds: $90,000